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History of the Patio de la Cartuja apartments

Patio de la Cartuja aparthotels are places full of history. Among their walls Manolo Caracol was born, one of the most famous flamenco singers of Sevilla. It is one of the best-known neighbours' premises in "Alameda de Hércules" (Hercules' Avenue), the "Corral de los Chícharos", a perfect specimen of Sevilla building structures from the end of the XIXth Century.

So it can be seen on the plate awarded by the Sevilla "Nueva Alameda Association", as a homage to Manolo Caracol, to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the artist's birth. It can be seen on the façade of our Aparthotels Patio de la Cartuja and the old "Corral de los Chicaros" and it says: "To Manolo Caracol, in the hundredth anniversary of his birth, in Lumbreras street". And also dedicated to this famous and important Sevillian artist, there is his statue in Hercules Avenue ("Alameda de Hércules") quite close to the aparthotel, in one of the most traditional and historic places in the city.


Patio de la Cartuja historyAll apartments are situated around a beautiful patio, with more than 600 flowers-pots, where many varieties of geraniums grow, giving a typical andalucian style to this charming and historical lodging place, right in downtowm Sevilla. In old days more 60 families lived here and today it became a group of high standard unique apartments forming a hotel, where all modern commodities are available, at the time the old days atmosphere is still preserved. The "neighbours' buildings" are a sevillian typical living construction, where people lived and shared their lives with neighbours, and inside their walls there was an intense social life. For this reason, these buildings were so important to promote the development of artistic mentalities, such as that of Manolo Caracol, who grew up sharing neighbourhood and creating his art among these walls.

Life in "neighbours' buildings" developed in the patio atmosphere, as it was the geographic and intrinsic centre of the human society lodged among its premises. It was in the Patio that everything took place, since those spontaneous songs to organised events or heartly conversations. Nowadays, our guests can enjoy this very "Patio", which, in the past, was occupied by Manolo Caracol and where other Sevillian inhabitants spent a good part of their lives, but at present with all modern facilities and luxury. Having breakfast surrounded by flower-pots and old glazed tiles, reading a book where, some centuries ago, people organised and set up popular theatre plays and sang old songs, or entering Internet in a newly restored place, but still keeping in all its essence and purity of "neighbours' patios".

In order to preserve an archictural character which is considered the patrimonial feature of the City, the Aparthotels Patio de la Cartuja keep up their original structure since the day they first started their hotel activities when the 92 Universal Exhibition and closed when the Exhibition came to an end. In April 1993 they were opened up again to public and since then they were reconditioned in a few ocasions, in order to be adapted to guests' requirements and offer them modern commodities and facilities.

In 2015 all apartments were renovated resulting in the apartment it is today, which combines Andalusian charm with all the amenities of today. 








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