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  • The most famous streets of Seville
    Published 08 SEP

    The most famous streets of Seville

    The streets of Seville are known for their uniqueness and beauty, and if you travel to Seville, you can not miss some of the most famous and beautiful streets of the city.

    Alameda de Hercules and Feria street

    The Alameda de Hercules, right next to our hotel, is an important public garden in the historic center of Seville and is considered the oldest public garden in Spain and Europe. This space is full of life, bars, restaurants, bookstores and theaters, which make it a place where young and old can enjoy.

    Parallel to the Alameda de Hercules you can find Feria street, one of the most traditional of the city where take place a market every Thursday. In addition, you'll also find a food market that keeps its traditional structure where you can buy fresh local produce as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish or delicatesem.

    It is one of those neighborhoods of the historic center which have been revalued over the years, offering each day many gastronomic, cultural and leisure activities.

    Alameda de hercules Sevilla

    The Jewish quarter and the streets Water and Life

    Inside the Barrio de Santa Cruz you can find some of the most important streets of Seville, they are those that formed the old Jewish quarters: Small narrow streets full of curves that form an intricate map to get lost in easy and enjoyable.

    The Water street begins in Alfaro square and ends in the street Life, a perfect ride that runs through the surrounding gardens of the Alcazar.

    The Life street goes to the beautiful Plaza de Doña Elvira and ends in Water street.

    Throughout this tour you can enjoy the view typical houses of Seville, the paving of the narrow street and balconies adorned with pots typical of the city as geraniums, gipsies or apilistras in the courtyards.

    Barrio de Santa Cruz Sevilla

    The Paseo Colon

    El Paseo Colon is the avenue that runs along the river on the edge of downtown. In it you can enjoy a beautiful view of the legendary district of Triana and there is also located the bullring, La Maestranza theater, the Golden Tower, among other historical buildings.

    The Paseo Colon ends in the bridge of Triana, you can cross to visit the Calle Betis and the San Jacinto street.

    Calle Betis and San Jacinto in Triana

    Triana district is one of the best known of the city. It is located across the river and its two main streets that you can not miss are Betis street, which runs parallel to the Guadalquivir, and San Jacinto Street, which is perpendicular to the latter.

    Walking down the street Bétis is a way to see Seville from the other side as well, you will see with perspective the Golden Tower, bullring, La Maestranza theater, among other historical buildings in the city.

    So, if you want to see the most beautiful streets of Seville walking, begins to the Alameda de Hercules and Calle Feria, approach the Barrio de Santa Cruz near the Cathedral and the Real Alcazar, continuous scouring the Paseo Colon near the river and ends the tour in the Barrio de Triana enjoying views of the city from Betis street.


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