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  • Published 16 MAR

    Living the Feria de Abril in Seville

    The Feria de Abril is one of the main festivals of the city. We tell you some tips and tricks to make a trip to Seville Feria and make it easier for you.

    Looking for accommodation well connected

    To enjoy de Feria de Abril is important to be in a good location. Aparthotel Patio de la Cartuja is well connected in the city centre of Seville and you can go to de feria in public transport. A few meters of the hotel you can find bus stops and taxi to get everywhere.

    Feria de Sevilla Apartahotel Patio de la cartujaThe best days to enjoy the Feria de Abril in Seville

    The Feria de Abril of 2015 will start on April 21 at 00 hours and It will end on Sunday April 26 at 24 hours with a fireworks display. This week is a major festivals of the city, the best time to enjoy the Feria de Abril are from Tuesday to Friday, because during the weekend the are much more people because of visitors and tourists.

    If you want to visit the April Fair you can stay in apartment hotels Patio de la Cartuja. We inform all clients about he best way to enjoy de Feria de Abril.

    Enjoy the Real de la Feria

    The Real is the area where the are located the festival. In Patio de la Cartuja can inform you of the main streets of the Real de la Feria de Abril where you can contemplate the atmosphere of this typical festival.

    Also, many of the places are private, so it is not allowed access to the general public. However there are public places where anyone can enjoy the dance, music and typical Andalusian cuisine.

    Feria de Sevilla with children

    If you're traveling with your family, you need plans for the whole family. At the fairgrounds there is an area full of attractions which is called "cacharritos" or "Calle del infierno” (“Elm Street"). Childrens and even adults can enjoy attractions for all ages.
    There you can enjoy attractions, raffles and waffle, cotton candy, etc. Ideal for the smallest of the house!

    And if you have any doubt, in apartments Patio de Cartuja you will solve it for you to enjoy and live one of the best fest of the city.


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